Eligible Students & Equipment

Are you eligible?

You are only eligible to purchase this insurance and warranty if you meet the criteria below.

Please read this carefully and if you are unsure as to whether You or Your equipment is eligible, please contact us:

  • By Telephone on: 0333 999 7901
  • By email to barrybennett@burnett.co.uk

Eligibility Criteria

You may only apply for this insurance if You have applied and been accepted for a DSA grant.

Equipment Eligibility

Only equipment that meets the following eligibility criteria will be accepted by us:

  You purchased the equipment as new within 2 years of applying for this insurance.

  At no point during the period of the insurance the equipment will be older than 5 years.

  The equipment is in full working order and there is no visible damage to the equipment.

  The equipment passes a health check service provided by Barry Bennett.

Once we have reviewed Your application and confirmed Your equipment is eligible, we will contact Barry Bennett and ask them to contact You to arrange Your equipment's health check

Reimbursement from the funding body

You may apply to the funding body and request reimbursement of the cost of this insurance and warranty. Please follow the process below:

Step 1:

Complete the online application for insurance & warranty. We will review Your application within 24 hours

Step 2:

Barry Bennett will contact you to arrange a health check for Your equipment

Step 3:

Once Your Equipment has passed the health check, we will contact you to set up Your policy

Step 4:

Pay the required premium to us for Your policy

Step 5:

Once We have received Your premium, we will issue Your Policy documentation

Step 6:

You need to send a copy of the Policy Schedule showing the amount You have paid for the insurance and warranty to the funding body for reimbursement