Apply for Insurance & Warranty

The insurance and warranty cost you pay is refundable by the funding body however in the first instance you must pay us the premium if we accept your Application.

We will provide you with a policy document and invoice to enable you to claim back the costs from the funding body.

For equipment made by Apple, the insurance and warranty cost will depend upon the cost of your equipment. Please see below a note of the pricing. All premiums include Insurance Premium Tax.

How much does it cost?

All Apple Equipment1 Year Price2 Year Price3 Year Price
Apple £0 - £1000£82.10£164.20£246.30
Apple £1001 - £2000£122.64£245.29£367.93

Non-Apple Equipment1 Year Price2 Year Price3 Year Price

In order to complete the application process we need to get some information from you. Please answer each question honestly. Failure to give us all the information we require, or not providing accurate information, may lead to your Application being delayed or declined.

If we need further information, we will contact you. To get started please just click on the button below.
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